2009 AMA/NATC National Championship

Rounds 1 & 2
Nehawka, Nebraska
May 30th, 31st 2009

Sherco had a great weekend in the first two rounds of the 2009 AMA/NATC Trials National held in Nebraska. In the Pro class, Pat Smage took first place both days on his Sherco 2.9 and Cody Webb took second place both days on his Sherco 3.2 4T. We also celebrated Cody Webb's 21st birthday. Other highly notable Sherco Podiums were...

Sunday's 125 Expert class sweep for Sherco. (Eric Storz, Karl Davis and Bryan Roper)
Chris Zuroske victory in the Sportsman class on Sunday.
Andrew Oldar's two third place finishes in the Expert class.
Chase Harker sweeping the High School class both days.
Logan Bolopue sweeping both days of the Junior class.

    Pro Podium   125 Expert Podium   Chris Zuroske Podium  

    Chase Harker Podium   Junior Class Podium   Cody Webb 21st Birthday  

See the full results HERE.