Pre-Event Checklist

Below are the maintenance items that should be completed prior to a trials competition. For club level riders, these maintenance items can be completed every couple of months. With the bike maintained as below, the rider will have maximum confidence in the operation of his/her machine, allowing him/her to concentrate 100% on riding, rather than on the bike.

1. Wash bike thoroughly

2. Remove rear fender and fuel tank, then dry bike with compressed air, especially:
  • Front and rear brake calipers/pads
  • Rear brake pedal linkage pivot points
  • Rear suspension linkage pivot points
  • Chain tensioner pivot points
  • Electricals (coil, wiring, etc.)
  • Engine
  • Carburetor
  • Kick starter pivot point
  • Gearshift head pivot point
  • All exposed allen-head bolts (especially front engine mount bolt)
  • Handlebar and triple-clamp bolts
  • Handlebar lever perches
  • Throttle tube interface to handlebar
  • Kill switch
  • Foot peg pivot points
  • Fork seal area
  • Front axle and bolts
  • Rear axle and axle nut

  • 3. Change oil (450cc)

    4. Remove and thoroughly clean air box; blow dry with compressed air

    5. Remove and clean carburetor internal parts

    6. Clean and oil air filter; have spare filter cleaned and oiled in plastic bag for 2nd competition day

    7. Lube and adjust chain

    8. Check coolant level; refill as necessary

    9. Release air pressure from front fork breather caps

    10. Remove, clean, and grease front brake and clutch levers and perches

    11. Remove, clean, and lube throttle tube assembly

    12. Lube with WD40:
  • Foot peg pivot points (must pivot freely)
  • Gear shifter lever head pivot point
  • Chain tensioner pivot point
  • Rear brake pedal linkage pivot points
  • Kick starter pivot point
  • 13. Check bolt tightness on all bolts, front to back, especially:
  • Rear sprocket bolts
  • Rear suspension linkage bolts (repack dog-bone bearings every 6 months)
  • Rear disc bolts
  • Swing arm bolt
  • Front and rear engine mount bolts
  • Front fork brace
  • Triple clamp bolts
  • Handlebar clamp bolts
  • Header pipe bolts
  • Silencer bolts
  • Lever perch bolts
  • Front brake caliper bolts
  • Front disc bolts
  • 14. Inspect and replace or repair any damaged or excessively worn parts, especially:
  • Sponsor stickers
  • Levers
  • Grips
  • Foot pegs
  • Handlebars
  • Fenders and other plastics
  • Tires (no leaks; sufficient tread for full weekend of competition)
  • Correct cable placement (no binding or worn throttle, clutch, brake cables)
  • 15. Ride the bike for 10 minutes to confirm every component functions correctly, especially:
  • Engine/Carburetor runs cleanly throughout rev range
  • Fan turns on when motor warms up
  • Brakes
  • Kill switch

  • Enjoy riding your perfectly maintained bike!